A picture can speak a
thousand words. However,
if that picture is displayed
in a regular digital photo frame, the words uttered
during set-up aren't the kind
you want your children to hear. This is simply because
digital picture frames are often much more trouble
than their worth. They can distort pictures, not display
all of the pictures, and may require much more
equipment to get pictures loaded. They may damage
your computer in the transfer of those pictures, and
then lose those pictures when they break down, which can happen pretty quickly. Which means you lose money and memories through each and every one of those errors.

Even if you do not suffer from such problems during set-up, the digital picture frames currently available
will soon need replaced, and because their operating formats continue to change. So what options are
there for the many consumers who regret their puchase of digital photo frames? And what options are
there for are all those consumers who stayed away from that risky trend to begin with?

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